I'm Writing a Book! Responsive Web Design Patterns by Me

09.30.2015 |


My family knows. My friends know. A few strangers know too, but it is about time I tell you all that I am writing a book!

This past Spring I was approached by Packt Publishing. Since then I have been working on a book called Responsive Web Design Patterns. If you didn’t guess, it is about RWD patterns. The book will be reviewing common patterns found frequently on responsive websites. It also goes over how to build these patterns. It will act as a starting point for beginners and place for inspiration for more experienced designers and developers. It is based on mobile first development with an emphasis modular design.

Woah, a legit book cover.

Woah, a legit book cover.

This summer has been filed with reviewing pattern libraries, studying beautiful responsive websites, and developing my own responsive pattern library to share. It has been a very hectic process. Blood, sweat, and tears are not included with the book’s purchase, but know that there was plenty to go around. And you know what the craziest thing about this book is? It is coming out THIS October. Pre-ordering is already available. ;) 

Of course, I am so honored to get to write this book. I have always preached RWD to my peers and students and now I get to write about it. But there is still plenty of work to be done. If you are interested in reviewing some chapters (or the whole damn thing) please let me know. The book reviews patterns for layouts, navigations, media, and  tables & forms. It also discusses how to develop your own patterns and why pattern libraries are an important tool.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has helped me so far and my loved ones who have kept me sane during this process. We are almost there.