WebSocket Motion Next Steps

11.23.2015 |


I have continued to work on my WebSocket Motion project. I now have Acceleration X, Y, and Z data sending from the device to the desktop along with Alpha, Beta, and Gamma rotation. I am worried that there is too much data sending too quickly though. Right now, data sends at the browser default interval of 50 milliseconds. I want to see if I can decrease the interval speeds to help prevent crashing. I have set up a setInterval function then to see the data at a speed set by me instead (200ms) as a precaution. I am not using this in my remote version of my application, but wanted it as a back up.

I also editing the desktop styles on the application to show more device connected on the screen at once. I edited the JS too so when desktops connected to the remote, they are not listed. This way, the desktop display is not populate with empty cells from desktops that cannot emit motion data. This took a little longer than I originally thought it would, but I got it in the end.

I also edited the mobile version to better display the user’s ID and took off text selection. I was finding that when user’s tap the screen to emit data, it was selecting the information on the screen.

Over break, I will be polishing this further and move onto creating a prototype for my thesis proposal.