Participate in Story and Game Research Projects

09.28.2017 |


Help out my peers today by participating in their research projects. These are both PhD level projects looking for recruits. Each study is done online in one sitting! No traveling into a lab. These projects should take no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Study 1) Automatic Story Generation

Josep Valls is recruiting volunteers for a research study to evaluate automatic story generation systems. Please visit to participate. It should take no more than 30 minutes and you get to read some interesting stuff.

Study 2) Found: Communicating Player Agency

Tim Day is seeking volunteers to play his game (but actually participate in a study). He says:

“Found: Communicating Player Agency,” a DIGM graduate thesis, needs volunteers!

Choice in gaming is a defining element of the medium and how games indicate to players the choices they can make is an important design decision.

To participate, simply download the game for either Windows or OSX and play through the short 5-10 minute game. The game and study are looking at how different information affects your decision making process.

Please download it on at the following url:

Anyone can participate in this study. If you have any questions or issues running the game please contact Timothy Day at [email protected].