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04.14.2014 |


When I first started looking for an internship in 2012 I did a lot of reading. I mean more than just researching the companies I wanted to work for. I read a lot of random articles about “How to get that internship”, “How to write a cover letter”, and “What to include on your resume.” They were very dry articles  as you can imagine. I had two resumes at that time; the standard Times New Roman and a creative colorful version as well.

I still didn’t feel like it was enough though. These were the resumes that everyone was creating. I was not the best designer at the time so I knew the creative resume wouldn’t “wow” an employeer.  I had places I really wanted to work though and I needed a way to show my skills.

Thankfully I found an article written by Chris Cashdollar of Happy Cog. Before You Hit Send: A Few Honest Tips for Job Seeking Designers. This article had so many great secrets about what to do when you were applying for a job.  Happy Cog was one of the places I wanted to apply to at the time. And here they were spelling out what they wanted. How could I ignore that?

In his last point, Chris talked about creating a responsive resume. A what? I can do that?! I was so worried about being a creative designer, I completely forgot I could still be a creative developer. Responsive design was something that I wanted to master. So I used my resume as an exercise to learn how to do it exactly.

And now, as I graduate soon I am revisiting that old resume. I am also sharing my source code with the world! I believe that if you are a web developer looking for a job, you should have a responsive resume. If you feel weird sending someone a URL instead of a PDF, link to your responsive version in your PDF. That way, no matter what device your potential employer is viewing your resume on, you make it easier for them.

My resume can be found in the main navigation ( I am sharing with you what I did. Feel free to break it down and use it as a learning tool or reference. If you actually want to learn responsive design, I highly recommend making your own from scratch (but feel free to view mine). If you have little code savvy and just want a cool resume, do what you want!

I have seen a lot of resumes. I’ve gone to work shops, I’ve interviewed potential interns, and I like to help out my friends with theirs.  Responsive resumes are still my favorite though.

Check out my responsive resume on GitHub.

I made sure that this version was pure CSS and not Sass so anyone can use it. :) Anyone who knows me knows I love Sass.