I Want the Apple Pencil

11.23.2015 |


I tend to laugh at new Apple product’s. I thought the Apple TV was unnecessary when it first came out. I thought the iPad Mini was just a dumb idea. I had a smartphone and a laptop, why on earth did I need something just slightly larger than my iPhone?  Now, I have a 2nd gen Apple TV, the latest Apple TV, and two iPad Minis. Can you say Apple fangirl?

I never stop and noticed my change in thinking though. I never went, “Now, I need those!” I borrowed the 2nd generation Apple TV from my parents because I couldn’t afford cable and wanted to watch Netflix on my TV without hooking up my laptop every time. The first iPad Mini was a gift, the second one provided by my work, and both have become valuable tools in my day-to-day life. I have always been an avid notetaker. My personal iPad Mini is always with me, along with 1-2 styluses.

Today, while walking with my boyfriend around Philadelphia we passed the Apple Store. He told me that he was in there the other day playing with the new iPad Pro, and that is was pretty sweet. I was surprised, because again I thought the iPad Pro was just a boring attempt to match the Microsoft Surface. I thought that, “Why would I need a slightly larger tablet, when I have my Mini and MacBook Pro?” I considered it something Apple released for the sake of releasing new things.

We turned into Apple so I could see if I agreed with his statement. I first played with the iPad Pro set up with the keyboard. It was alright. It felt like any other soft keyboard.

And then I saw it, the Apple Pencil.

I went over to the iPad Pro next to me and opened up one of the Adobe sketching apps. I picked up the Pencil and simply wrote my name. And let me tell you, it was amazing. Like I said, I am a huge advocate of note taking. I have the Jot Pro, Jot Script, and FiftyThree’s Pencil stylus.  And none of these come close to the Apple Pencil. Even with my iPad Mini on hand, I always carry a real notebook and some pencils. Because somethings can’t be sketched digitally. But now, they can be. The sensitivity of the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro blew me away. It was everything I dreamed about in a digital note taking device and stylus. I wanted to buy it right then and there. They only thing they held me back was that price tag. Do I love the Apple Pencil? Yes. But it can only be used with the iPad Pro. And with a MacBook Pro, iPhone 6, and two iPad Minis, I can justify that purchase.

Once more, I find myself going from doubting Apple, to praising Apple. I don’t know how they do it, but again, I am hooked. Here I am, hoping that they will release a smaller iPad Pro (maybe iPad Mini Pro?) so I can get my hands on that Apple Pencil and not be out $1500.

Maybe next fall, when Apple announcing that “one more thing”, I’ll reserve judgment until I actually get my hands on it. But then I remember the design if the Mac Pro, the trash pail, I think a little skepticism is okay sometimes.