Myo Gesture: Basic Mouse Controller

08.11.2015 |


As you may have read last week, I realized that the third party Myo mouse controllers were too wonky to complete the tasks in browser. This week I set out to create a HTML5 canvas “mouse” controller by connecting the Myo’s orientation to the x & y position of an element on the canvas. Myo’s orientation data is delivered in a quaternion (w, x, y, & z) which is rotational data. I converted its data into Euler Angles and used pitch, roll, and yaw to drive the canvas’ “mouse” (a little blue dot). This was done by comparing past angles to new angles and if the difference was over a certain threshold, the mouse would be moved. Thalmic, the creator of the Myo, was very helpful and super responsive on twitter and in the comments of their articles. This would not be possible without their help!

I also created version 2.0 of the click and scroll tasks.  I am toying around with the idea of using local storage to store how many attempts the user made to accomplish the task, and display it all at the end.

Please excuse my big fat hand getting in the way in the video above. But the “bloop” sound signals every time I click. Right clicking it linked to the “fist” gesture.